download (1)orig.jpg

Key Type: Portrait Image Manipulation

Detail: To create an artwork inspired by beauty magazine advertising which creates an alluring, mysterious mood. Key details such as the lips, eyebrows and eyes have been sharpened and defined by shadow and highlight emphasis. The skin has been softened by use of a blurring and dodging combination. The vignette style streamlines the viewer's gaze toward the lips and eyes, often the centrepieces of beauty campaigns. 


Key Type: White Balance Adjust 

Detail: The aim here was to colour correct a highly saturated image. The image has been altered to reduce saturation and lower red tones, however a blue tone was given to add pessimism. This image was part of a collection concerning the loss of identity, and distortion of undergoing chemotherapy.


Key Type: Addition and Subtraction 

Detail: Above, certain features have been erased to reduce distraction from the subject. These include, the wall hanging beneath the subject's lower face and the window handle. In addition, however, the box of chips has been taken from the same collection and merged with the above. Before, the food sat just out of shot, hiding a detail significant in producing vibrance and coinciding with the subject's warmth. The effect is a far more focused image.


Key Type: Landscape Image Manipulation

Detail: The brief was to depict an urban space fixed in a state of limbo. A mood of industrialisation and abandonment is made apparent by the use of shadowing and exaggerated contrast. A vignette effect has been manipulated around the skyline to produce a focal point within the image's brightness variance. 


Key Type: Level and Tone Adjust

Detail: The aim here was to alter the image in a way which enhances the subject. The soft, fluffy textures have been highlighted and emphasised further by an overlaid pastel pink hue. The result is clean and warming.